FSAT // Family Sexual Abuse Treatment

Family Sexual Abuse Treatment (FSAT) is a program of Canopy Center, Inc. that coordinates the provision of high quality, community based treatment services to Dane County families in which intrafamily sexual abuse occurred. 

Treatment of intrafamily sexual abuse can be expected to be long-term and intense, lasting from one to two years. Many social service, mental health, and law enforcement agencies and professionals are involved in the various phases of treatment from reporting the incident through counseling the family. 

FSAT was founded in 1983 to benefit families by helping to avoid duplications of services and interagency confusion. FSAT facilitates coordinated interventions and treatment. Dane County residents are then served by existing resources in the public and private sector, requiring limited public funding for the provision of comprehensive treatment services. In July of 2013, FSAT merged with Canopy Center, Inc. 

FSAT Provides:

1. Case Coordination for all aspects of treatment of intrafamily sexual abuse

Case Coordination promotes effective, comprehensive and sophisticated intervention for families in which sexual abuse has occurred. FSAT is not a direct service provider to families. Instead FSAT organizes the team of professionals involved in the treatment of intrafamily sexual abuse cases. This team frequently includes therapists, staff members from the Departments of Human Services and Corrections, the criminal justice system, school personnel, advocates, guardians ad litem and others. 

After receiving a request from an agency representative or treatment provider, with the family's permission, FSAT assists the treatment team in addressing the needs of all members of the family. The team concept offered by FSAT emphasizes information sharing among the professionals who can then work with the difficult and complex problems in a helpful and supportive atmosphere. 

2. Networking opportunities for those serving in agencies which deal with intrafamily sexual abuse.

Networking fosters a collaborative relationship among community agencies and providers that serve families affected by sexual abuse. FSAT identifies resources, acquaints other agencies with services available, and seeks to improve the overall quality of services and resources in Dane County. The community network includes non-profit agencies, government agencies, and private practitioners who exchange treatment philosophies, treatment techniques, current research and up-to-date resources. 

3. Professional training and education for the variety of disciplines dealing with child sexual assault is provided. 

FSAT collaborates with community resources in assessing training needs and providing training. FSAT occasionally provides no cost professional training for government and non-profit providers. 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Conference on Child Sexual Abuse is a major national conference focusing on the treatment, research, education, and prevention of childhood sexual abuse as well as adult survivor issues and concerns. The conference is co-sponsored annually by FSAT and the University of Wisconsin.

4. Family resolution protocols.

Family resolution protocols are described in a comprehensive document,"Protocols for Assessment and Treatment of Family Sexual Abuse: A Community Model." The development of this best practice model was sponsored by FSAT and is located here

5. Referrals and information concerning treatment providers and local resources.

Information is available to any individual in Dane County who seeks assistance related to the report or referral for treatment of child sexual abuse. FSAT provides the names of experienced sexual abuse treatment providers to individuals or agencies at no cost. In addition, the Canopy Center web site provides links to a variety of excellent resources, found here

Important Forms:

FSAT Protocols for Assessment and Treatment of Family Sexual Abuse
FSAT Consent to Share Information 
FSAT Client Information and Referral Form

For more information, please contact Chuck Stonecipher, MPA, CSW at (608) 729-1138 or by email chucks@canopycenter.org. 

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